Free Access to kasneb E-Library (to 31 December 2018) 2018-03-20T04:54:51+00:00

kasneb eLibrary (Online Learning Resources) is open to all kasneb students for the year 2018 on extended trial basis (free of charge). Those who are already accessing since the 2017 trial will continue accessing and do not need to reapply.


  1. One must be a current kasneb student of any of the qualifications.
  2. One must have their annual renewals up to date.
  3. One must carefully and correctly fill all the details required through the online form on the link below. Incorrectly filled applications will be rejected without further reference to the applicant.
  4. Once your application is successful, you will be issued with a kasneb email account with structure which you will get guidelines on how to activate. Once one has activated their kasneb email, login details will be sent to that email.
  5. Sharing of usernames and passwords is prohibited and each student should only use their credentials to access the eLibrary. Disciplinary action including deregistration as a kasneb student may be taken where a student shares his or her username and or password
  6. After you are issued with your kasneb email, you are only expected to use that email for communication on eLibrary or related matters.
  7. Dormant accounts (more than two months) will be reallocated to deserving new applicants.


One can apply through eLibrary link on kasneb website or by clicking the link below

Once you have filled and submitted the form and are successful, you will receive communication through the email you indicated when you are applying for access.


Please note that kasneb DOES NOT offer notes or study packs. The learning materials are not tailor made for the kasneb syllabus either. Learners are advised to use their syllabus to identify the relevant materials from the rich eLibrary collection. kasneb will endeavour to guide on the relevant materials through eLibrary reading lists which will be periodically communicated through kasneb students emails.

For any clarification please email to

Please share this information with other kasneb students.