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Certified Secretaries (CS)


Section 1

Paper No:

CS11  Organisational Behaviour

CS12  Business Law

CS13  Business Communication

Section 2

Paper No:

CS21 Economics

CS22  Principles of Accounting

CS23  Public Finance and Taxation


Section 3

Paper No:

CS31  Company Law

CS32 Financial Management

CS33  Principles and Practice of Management

Section 4

Paper No:

CS41  Corporate Secretarial Practice

CS42  Management Information Systems

CS43 Law and Procedure of Meetings


Section 5

Paper No:

CS51  Human Resource Management

CS52  Financial Markets Law

CS53  Governance and Ethics

Section 6

Paper No:

CS61  Strategic Management

CS62  Public Policy and Administration

CS63  Governance and Secretarial Audit

Certified Secretaries are expert practitioners in governance, governance audits and compliance, corporate secretarial practice, corporate law, consultancy and business management and administration.

NB: Common papers in bold

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