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Certified Credit Professionals (CCP)


Section 1

Paper No:

CP11: Credit Management

CP12: Commercial Law

CP13: Entrepreneurship and Communication

Section 2

Paper No:

CP21: Economics

CP22: Principles of Accounting

CP23: Public Finance and Taxation


Section 3

Paper No:

CP31: Company Law

CP32: Financial Management

CP33: Marketing and Public Relations

Section 4

Paper No:

CP41: Law Governing Credit Practice

CP42: Management Information Systems

CP43: Quantitative Analysis


Section 5

Paper No:

CP51: Strategy, Governance and Ethics

CP52: Banking Law and Practice

CP53:  Credit Management in the Financial Sector

Section 6

Paper No:

CP61: Debt recovery

CP62: Corporate lending

CP63: Credit Practice

Certified Credit Professionals are skilled and competent top level managers, practitioners and consultants in the rapidly developing field of credit management.

NB: Common papers in bold